Who are you?

BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. It offers unique, customisable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive Sportsbook and iGaming business. The company accomplishes its vision through innovation, agility, and anticipation. BtoBet’s products:
B Neuron, the first artificial intelligent, powerful, cloud-based business management solution that enables iGaming companies to eliminate complexity and unlock growth.

What are you doing?

B Konnect, the plug-in sportsbook solution, ready to be integrated as a simple third party in any existing platform. It is incredibly flexible with highly customisable features that widen gaming contents’ offer and increase profit margins.
B Retail, not only the complete tool set of solutions for land based business, with the advantage of having B Neuron’s artificial intelligence constantly supporting it. B Retail gives the unique possibility to market the land based world to the online world.

My clients

- Uol ir am
- Christian Mag
- Alessandro Fried

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